Air Reservations

If you plan to fly to your embarkation port, you must decide whether to arrange airline tickets on your own or use the AIR/SEA program offered by the cruise line. Here are the main considerations to help you with your decision.

Advantages of Arranging Your Own Airline Tickets
The main advantages of securing your own airline tickets are that you will be able to select the airline you fly and you will have control over the timing and routing of your flights. You may wish to fly a particular airline to use or earn frequent flyer miles, or because that carrier has nonstop service to your port city. If you arrange your own airline tickets you will have more control over these variables. If you utilize the cruise line's AIR/SEA program, you may be given an air schedule with an overnight flight, multiple connections or in some cases, a forced overnight stay at your expense.

For these reasons, we recommend that you arrange your own airline tickets.

Advantage of Using the AIR/SEA Program
The main reason to book flights through the cruise line is the added protection you receive with your purchase.

Unexpected events can affect travel plans. Flight delays or cancellations, changes in cruise ship arrival or departure times and cancellation of sailings altogether can force you to rebook for a later time or date or seek a refund for your air tickets. If you secure your air tickets through the cruise line, some lines will assist you in working with the airline to make alternate flight plans or apply for a refund.

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